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 I am an attorney with extensive experience in immigration and  nationality law. I am acutely aware that clients seeking my  representation and advice are often facing life-altering decisions and  legal issues due to application of U.S. immigration laws.  For this  reason, I personally handle every matter for which this office is  retained – I do not use associate attorneys, paralegals, or other  non-attorneys to handle your case.  I understand that legal fees can be a  burden on families, so I work hard to keep my fees reasonable and I  believe my clients find exceptional value in my services.  Immigration  law is complex and the consequences of mistakes and missed opportunities  can be severe and permanent.  


A Global Counselor

I am a full  service immigration and naturalization lawyer providing professional  legal services regarding U.S. law to individuals and businesses.  The federal nature of immigration law allows me to practice throughout Colorado, the  Rocky Mountain West, the United States, and the World.  


By Appointment Only

My practice is highly mobile, so appointments for new or existing clients are required.  Please contact me for an appointment time and pricing.

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